Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Early Childhood Corner: Early Connections

Early Connections Web site helps parents and professional connect technology with the way young children learn. The site provides resources and information for educators and care providers on how and when technology best fits into the learning of young children.

The Early Connections site is organized according to the settings where educators and care providers work with young children. Parents are invited to explore areas of interest to their families.

Main focus areas include:

Child care



Primary grades

Before/after-school program

Within each of the above areas, subtopics provide information relevant to that group:

Learning & Technology connects technology with the learning needs of children at this stage

Technology & Curriculum ties effective uses of technology to the curriculum

Classroom Arrangement defines elements for successful placement of computers and other technology in the classroom

Software Selection provides guidance on how to select and evaluate software, as well as links to evaluation and review resources

Health & Safety offers ergonomic and Internet guidelines for physical and online safety

Hardware contains information on many different types of technology that can be used with young children, and things to consider when planning for technology

Resources provides links to useful sources of information and research on technology use with young children

Early Connections provides a basic understanding of young children’s learning development, then connects technology to those essential learning skills. Visit it online at:

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