Friday, October 9, 2009

Tech Tips: Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts for both Windows PC and Mac computers are a great way speed up work, cut down on excessive mouse movement, and make programs on the computer more accessible. Keyboard shortcuts make the computer more accessible because it can cut down on how much the mouse needs to be used.

Keyboard shortcuts are when you use a combination of keys on the keyboard to perform a certain action, such as copy, paste, print and more.

To perform a keyboard shortcut hold down one or more of the command keys and then, while keeping the command keys held down, press an additional key on the keyboard. (Ctrl, Alt, the Windows key, and shift key).

On the Mac operating system keyboard shortcuts are almost the same except the Mac has a key called the Command key on both sides of the space bar. The most commonly used key on Windows is Ctrl; on Mac it’s Command. You may already be familiar with shortcuts such as copy (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V) but there are many, many more.

To discover new keyboard shortcuts, explore your program’s menu bar and help menu. The menu bar is the bar across the top of a program that contains the file, edit, and other menus. When you click on a menu such as “file”, you will see a list of commands i.e. New, Save, Print. To the right of the commands you will see their keyboard shortcut. You can also open a program’s help menu and search “keyboard shortcuts.”

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