Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Software Helps People With Disabilities

Fox 9 News Reporter, Dawn Stevens, interviews Simon Technology Center Director Bridget Gilormini for a piece on assistive technology. Below is a list with links of the software programs and tools mentioned in the report:

Stretch Break: A software program that prompts users to take a break. Stretch Break is an easy-to-use program that will help computer users feel refreshed and avoid repetitive motion injuries. The many customizable options allow each user to create a stretching regime that is right for them.

In a search to locate similar programs we found five similar Mac computer programs: StretchWare, MacBreak, MacBreakZ!, Simon Says and Health-F1.

MacSpeech Dictate: Speech to Text Software program for the Mac that translate your spoken words into text. Can also use spoken commands to control various functions on the computer.

TANGO: Dynamic Display communication device for users who need a voice. The device features a built in camera, is programmable and has a very high quality voice.

Time Timer: A visual timer available as a clock like device, a watch and a computer software program.

Live Scribe Pen: A pen that records both your writing and sound and syncs the two together. When you tap on your notes the pen pulls up what was being said at that time. Compatible with both Mac and PC.

Big Keys Keyboard: Big Keys Keyboard available in a variety of configurations (ABC, QWERTY, etc.) and color combinations. Also available with keyguards to help isolate keys.

Sci Cal 3000
: Large display scientific calculator with speech output. Contact developer for availability in other languages.

ClassMate Reader
: portable text reading device that reads a variety of text formats with features such as text highlighting, auditory dictionary, and support for DAISY file format (allows easy navigation through the text)

Neo: Portable word processing device with features such as spell check, word prediction and auditory feedback of selected text.

Logan ProxTalker
: A mid tech communication device that bridges communication from use of a PECS like system to a dynamic display device. Messages come pre loaded on small squares with accompanying picture. It is easy to learn, use and program.

For more information on these devices/software and more contact the Simon Technology Center at or 952-838-9000.

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