Saturday, March 27, 2010

App Corner: Chronology, Countdown & Time Timer


Chronology lets you create up to 12 separate timers that can be started, paused and reset individually or as a group. The light version, Chronolite (free) lets you create up to 4 different timers. If you leave the app, it still runs in the background and will play the customized alert you selected. This alert sound that plays at the end of a countdown can play up to 30 times (about 2 minutes). Cost $2.99


Countdown tracks that dates that are important to you such as birth dates, how many days until school ends or starts, days to winter vacation, and more. It does not integrate with calendar but you have the ability to mail a countdown. You can also add a visual support from your Photo Library and make an event repeating. Cost $0.99

Time Timer

Brought to you by the makers of the visual time timer devices that help show the passage of time. This app “shows” how much time is left and helps teach the passage of time. This helps reduce anxiety for some learners. Cost $4.99

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