Tuesday, June 22, 2010

App Corner: Notes, Shapewriter & UYH

App has been used as a shorthand term for applications and has recently become popular to indicate specifically a nmobile application. App as a term grew even more in popularity with the opening of Apples App Store which can be accessed through iTunes. In our new “App Corner” in Tech Notes we will highlight mobile applicaitons that are universally designed or meet an educational need
Notes - www.apple.com/ipodtouch/features/more-features.html

Notes is an app that comes standard with your iPod Touch/Phone. Use Notes to quickly write yourself a note and keep important information handy. A built-in email function lets you send notes to yourself or to others. 
Shapewriter - www.shapewriter.com/iphone.html

Shapewriter is a unique app that lets you compose text on the keyboard by sliding your finger from letter to letter. There is a prediction window to help with accuracy. A free version contains basic features while the Lite version, available for $2.99, contains advanced features such as e-mail and SMS texting support. An android version for other mobile devices makes the Shapewriter keyboard available whenever you need to type text.  Just select Shapewriter as your default keyboard.
UYH (Use Your Handwriting) - www.geewhizstuff.com

Typing on the small touch keyboard on an iPod Touch/Phone or iPad can be difficult for some users. With UYH,k you use your finger and the touch screen to write with the uhy application. the free or lite version lets you create lists within the UYH applicaiton. with the gold version you can e-mail lists, create lists within lists and more. UYH Gold $1.99

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