Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Product Spotlight: Web-Based Keyboarding Programs

Building Keyboarding Skills Over the Summer

Summertime is a great time for children to brush up on their keyboarding skills. For keyboarding practice at home, consider the following low-cost or free keyboarding tutorial Websites to explore with your child.

1. Custom Typing - www.customtyping.com

This site offers comprehensive keyboarding instruction for students of all ages and abilities, including one-handed typists. Custom Typing offers a free four week trial and access to the site therafter for $9 per month. Teachers and parents have the ability to track student performance. there are no ads on the site to distract users.
2. Sense-lang - www.sense-lang.org/typing/

This site provides free online touch typing instruction, drills, and games that will engage most children and adults. Teachers or parents can track student progress. Some Google ads that show up on the sidebar of the screen may be distracting.
3. Dance Mat Typing - www.bbc.co.uk/schools/typing/

This site, produced and maintained by the BBC (British Broadcasting Network), is designed to engage early grade school children with an animated multimedia format. children can start at any level. Fun cartoon characters encourage the child through each stage of the program. therea re no ads, but Flash format means tutorials are sometimes slow to load and respond.

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