Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Staff Pick: Mind Mapping Tools

Free Mind Mapping Programs to Help You Get Organized

Mind-mapping software programs, such as Inspiration, are used as a tool to brainstorm and organize ideas by representing them graphically as “idea maps.” These programs can be useful for anyone who struggles with organizing their ideas for a project or has difficulty with decision making. Most of us could benefit from the use of mind-mapping tools when we have a complex project but aren't sure where to begin.

There are many free or low-cost mind-mapping software progrmas availasble for downloading to your personal computer or using online. Some offer more support for graphics, layout, and collaboration than others, so spend some time exploring features before settling on one program. Most offer free trials of their programs so you can try before you buy or you can use the free or lite versions of the programs indefinitely. Listed below you will find a short list of free mind-mapping programs to get you started:

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