Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Web Spotlight: Misunderstood Minds

Misunderstood Minds is a companion web site to the PBS special Misunderstood Minds. This PBS special shared the lives and struggles of five individuals with learning difficulties. It was designed to help others understand the learning process, give insights into learning disabilities and share strategies for responding to learning disabilities. The web site gives viewers the opportunity to experience a learning difficulty firsthand. For example, in the attention category a viewer is able to simulate reading a passage with distractions or attempt to follow directions with auditory distractions. Content on the site includes an introduction to the basics, an overview of the difficulties a learner might experience, and how a parent or educator might respond. The activities are not only great for individual learning but is also a resource for providing disability awareness. Another resource to check out is the Developing Minds Multimedia Library which contains a collection of videos that explore learning differences.

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