Thursday, March 10, 2011

Product Spotlight: Intel Reader

The Intel Reader, developed by Intel Corporation, is a portable device that will display, read and convert print to electronic text. This portable device, sized at 6.5in. x 5.35in. x 1.3in. and weighing less than 2 lbs., provides nearly instant access to print materials. This device will capture an image of printed text and immediately convert it into electronic text. The electronic text can be viewed on the LCD display screen and read aloud by the device’s synthetic speech. Text size can be modified and is highlighted as it is read aloud. EBooks and text files can be stored on the device to read aloud while on the go or away from the computer. Earphones can be plugged into the device for private listening. This device can increase the independence readers experience in their interactions with text and printed materials in various environments.

This device is generally priced at $1,500 and sold by such retailers as Humanware, Don Johnston, Second Vision LLC, and more.

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