Monday, May 9, 2011

App Corner: I See Ewe, Peek-A-Boo Baby Rattle, & Wheels on the Bus.

App has been used as a shorthand term for “applications” and has become popular to indicate mobile application. App grew even more in popular with the opening of Apple's App Store, which can be accessed through iTunes. In the “App Corner” in Tech Notes we will highlight mobile applications that are universally designed or meet an educational need. This month we highlight apps appropriate for early childhood.
I See Ewe - by ClaireWare Software
I See Ewe is an educational game for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad that helps preschoolers learn to recognize shapes, objects, colors and animals and to learn their first sight words through two simple games: Learn Words and Match Items.
Several options are provided in the games that allow you to customize the learning experience, including the ability to switch between different types of items such as geometric shapes, colors, animals, and household objects. You can also adjust the level of difficulty for each game and activate verbal prompts.  I See Ewe can be played in English, German, Spanish, or Chinese to start learning another language.
I See Ewe $.99 (3.5 out of 5 stars from 451 ratings); Information from the Apple iTunes Store viewed on 4/25/11.
Peek-A-Boo Baby Rattle - by Hello Baby Direct
The Peek-a-Boo Baby Rattle is a colorful and fun app developed for young children. Children can press the smiling face or shake the device and a cartoon animal will appear and make animal noises. The animal noises include a dog, bird, cat, pig, parrot, duck, frog, chicken, cockerel and mouse
Peek-A-Boo Baby Rattle FREE (2.5 out of 5 stars from 311 ratings); Information from the Apple iTunes Store viewed on 4/25/11.
Wheels on the Bus - by Duck Duck Moose
Wheels on the Bus is a fun, interactive musical book based on the popular children’s song of the same name. The Wheels on the Bus app includes fresh illustrations, creative interactions, and music. Designed for children of all ages, starting as young as 18 months.
Wheels on the Bus HD for iPad $1.99 (4 out of 5 stars from 848 ratings); Wheels on the Bus $.99 (3.5 out of 5 stars from 4,609 ratings); Information from the Apple iTunes Store viewed on 4/25/11.

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  1. You know it's so funny, I was picking up my little sister from school the other day and I heard the children singing Wheels on the bus. I turned to look and I saw they were all holding iPads and tablets and were watching it online. What a mess.