Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Apps for Special Education: App Store, App Shopper, Moms with Apps

App Corner

App has been used as a shorthand term for “applications” and has become popular to indicate mobile application. App grew even more popular with the opening of Apple's App Store, which can be accessed through iTunes. In the “App Corner” in Tech Notes we will highlight mobile applications that are universally designed or meet an educational need. This month we highlight apps that help you navigate the variety of apps currently available.
App Store - by Apple
The App Store icon is a built in app that comes standard with the iPad. Tap the App Store icon and you’ll find over 65,000 apps made for iPad. There are apps for anything and everything and you can search, purchase and download them right from your device (wifi or 3G connection required). Best of all, many of the apps are free.

AppShopper - by, LLC

AppShopper keeps you up to date on the latest news with apps via both the app and the companion web site Users create a free account and are able to track the apps they own via My Apps and the apps they would like to own via a customized Wish List. The app will notify users when an app price increases in price, goes on sale, is available for free and when the app is updated. Additional features include searching by the following categories: Popular Apps, What's New, Wish List, My Apps.
AppShopper FREE (4 out of 5 stars from 523 ratings for current version); Information from the Apple iTunes Store viewed on 6/30/11.

Moms with Apps - by BabyBlinks
Moms with Apps is a group of parents who develop educational apps. They started with a web site and blog and feature a popular Free App Friday. The free app gives parents and educators an additional way to interact with their content and collection of apps they have deemed parent and child friendly. They aim to assist parents and educators to identify apps that address the needs of their children and students. Developed in collaboration with the Moms with Apps development group, nearly 400 developers have cataloged and categorized over 1,000 apps by their educational value and appropriate age group. The result is a comprehensive catalog of apps.
Moms with Apps FREE (4.5 out of 5 stars from 61 ratings from all versions); Information from the Apple iTunes Store viewed on 6/30/11.

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