Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Library Corner: Software Programs to Help Students Practice Educational Skills Over the Summer

There are many software programs in the library that can help students keep up their educational skills over the summer including programs for literacy skills, writing, math and more. Literacy programs can help students practice skills such as decoding, comprehension, spelling, etc. Writing programs can help students with composition and paragraph and sentence structure. Math programs, range from number identificaiton to algerbra, depending on a student's skills.
There are a variety of tools available in the Simon Technology Center Lending Library for parents and professionals in Minnesota.  We have highlighted three of those choices:
Literacy:  Super Star Phonics Series by Help Me 2 Learn
The development of phonics is an important foundation literacy skill. The Super Star Phonics Series by Help Me2 Learn includes software programs for phonics development.  In fun interactive activities phonics skills are introduced and reinforced.  Software is available for both Mac and PC, with editions for home and school.  Available titles include: Letters & Numbers (ages 2-7), Phonics 1a - Vowel Sounds (ages 4-8), Phonics 1b - Consonant Sounds (ages 4-8), Phonics 2a - Intermediate Level (ages 5-9), Phonics 2b - Intermediate Level II (ages 7-11), Phonics 3a - Advanced Level II with Sports (ages 7-11) and Phonics 3b - Advanced Level II with Sports (ages 7-11). Download a 7 day trial or check it out for up to four weeks through the STC lending library.
Math: Mighty Math Series by River Deep
Mighty Math is a collection of software to help learners with math concepts such as basic match concepts and problem solving, fractions, algebra, geometry, and more.  The Mighty Math series take place in a variety of settings and uses engaging characters.  Grow slides are available  that allow the user to adjust the difficulty level of the activity.  Within each game is an array of both topics and levels of play.  Available titles include: Astro Algebra, Calculating Crew, Carnival Countdown, Cosmic Geometry, Number Heros and Zoo Zillions.
Writing: The Writing Trek
This multimedia program features authentic language arts projects, activities, and assignments that build writing competence and encourage creativity. Trek is a language learning adventure set in a variety of settings that will inspire students to write and read more. Challenges include writing historical fiction, poetry, persuasive essays, and research reports. Journeys into Concepts strands, skills, and Internet research refine student writing. Models, Extension activities, and a Reading List are provided for each Project.
To learn more about programs available in the lending library, feel free to browse the AT Finder online catalog at, or contact library staff at or 952-838-9000. Feel free to visit us during open library hours to browse our inventory and try them out on the library computers. Library hours are: noon-6 p.m. Tuesdays and 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturdays.

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