Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Web Spotlight: Khan Academy

Math can be a tough subject for even the strongest of students and it’s easy to fall behind or miss a key concept. Even adults might find that there are holes missing in their math knowledge. Luckily there is a great free website to help your youth, young adults, or even older adults work on math skills and more. This site is called Khan Academy.
When Salman Khan started creating YouTube videos to tutor his cousins who lived far away he never expected them to be so popular with the online community. As the videos grew and the views racked up he created a website to hold them all called Khan Academy. 2,200 videos later you can find instruction on anything from basic math to advanced calculus.
The videos alone would be a great resource but Khan academy offers some interesting tools to motivate and assist users. Once you sign in to the website you are presented with a map that lets you see what skills you have to master to learn more complex concepts. Once you click on a concept you can watch a video demonstrating how it works. After each instructional video you are presented with a handful of practice questions. Only after you complete 10 questions in a row does site give you an award stating that you have mastered that concept. Along the way you can earn badges that represent your accomplishments on the site.
If you are a parent or a teacher you can set yourself up as a “Coach” where you can track a users progress and help them if they are struggling in a certain area. The site features detailed progress reports and graphs for a single or multiple students. In addition to Math Khan Academy has added videos on Biology, Chemistry, Astronomy, History and more. Find out more about Khan Academy by visiting them online at or watch Salman Khan’s presentation at TED 

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