Monday, March 19, 2012

Web Spotlight: Punch In

Punch-In is a new self-directed Employment Assistant that is geared for young adults with disabilities seeking to enter the workforce.  Developed by DBTAC Great Lakes ADA Center Punch-in! is designed to help students with disabilities who are in or recently graduated from postsecondary institutions, develop self directed learning, content knowledge and problem solving skills to increase employment, and success in employment. 
Five tabs including discover yourself, get prepared, find a job, know your rights anduse assistive technology give users a chance to independently direct their employment future.  An additional feature of the site, the Success Network, provides a social networking environment.  The Success Network is free but sign up is required. 
Within each section users can  access social networking,  work with specific tips to that section, and  view digital tips and interviews for each topic.  More information about Punch-in is available at

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