Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fitness Bracelets: UP by Jawbone

Are you looking for a fun, innovative way to set up a new fitness plan but not sure where to start?  Feeling overwhelmed by the idea of jumping into new something new?  It can all begin with just a few steps, a fitness band and an app!

Check out the UP system by Jawbone.  At $129.99, this sleek wrist band made of water resistant hypoallergenic rubber offers unique features to help individuals reach their wellness goals.  Using a precision motion sensor and actigraphy, it is able to track steps, distance, calories burned, as well as one’s sleep patterns and REM cycles.  It also has several alarms. It will gently vibrate to wake you at an exact time or at the optimal time within a desired range based upon the user’s unique REM cycle.  The idle alert notices when you’ve spent too much time sitting still and vibrates to encourage you to get up and move around.  

The UP band must be used with its corresponding app, available for both Android and iOS platforms, and also has the capability to integrate with many popular fitness apps. The app adds features such as logging food and drink intake and also mood. The app can track calorie intake and other nutritional information.  The app also serves as a coach to provide tips, suggest goals based on your data and to encourage along the way. The fitness band connects via the headphone port of your device and uploads your data into the application where it provides feedback about your sleep and activity.  For an extra $20, users could also choose the UP 24 which connects wirelessly and gives real time data via Bluetooth, but is currently only available to work with iOS.  Nike and FitBit make similar products that cater to slightly different user goals. Check them out today!

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